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Nature offers us everything we need to live. More and more people recognize this and strive to live in harmony with nature. But very often our daily life does not allow this. We would like to help you - in case of health and illness - to find a more natural way of life and to remember the healing powers of nature that have been around for thousands of years.



The name "telomit" stands for energy, anti-aging, fitness, high performance and a positive attitude towards life! The word "telomit" is therefore also composed of the two initial syllables of the two words "telomeres" and "mitochondria". The telomeres, the end pieces of the chromosomes, ensure the stability of the chromosomes and play an important role in the aging process. The mitochondria are also known as the cells' energy power stations. Therefore the telomeres and mitochondria play a decisive role in the performance of humans and animals.



How body, mind and soul can stay or get healthy can be found in the unique books of the internationally known, charismatic naturopath Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst. We have published these books in order to spread and preserve the treasures of knowledge and experience gathered by him over decades. The books and DVDs are real, valuable signposts for all interested and open-minded people, which should ultimately encourage them to use their own minds: SAPERE AUDE! Do you still need some motivation? Then it is best to attend one of Dr. Probst's seminars, which we offer several times a year



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Scientific advisor:

Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst


We develop premium products. All of our products were created in exclusive cooperation with our scientific advisor Dr. med. habil. Dr. rer. nat. Karl J. Probst. As the only physician among the three founders of the German raw food movement, Dr. Probst has been the most experienced and leading expert in Germany in the field of raw food nutrition, especially in connection with detox and intestinal health, for over forty years now.

Dr. Probst already dealt with old, naturopathic and alternative healing knowledge as well as with all forms of nutrition, especially raw food nutrition and vegan nutrition during his comprehensive orthodox medical training in theory and practice. This long-standing research and experience of meanwhile more than 40 years flow into the development of our products.

Dr. Karl J. Probst is a member of the scientific advisory board of NEM e.V.


telomit | Premium products


We develop products on a scientific basis, which are composed of various high-quality ingredients for the respective purpose. We base the composition not only on official recommendations, but also always on current scientific studies. The vitamins, minerals and plant substances used in a product are combined in such a way that they complement or support each other, so that negative interactions are avoided. We do not believe in overdosing for promotional purposes, because a lot does not automatically help a lot, but can even do harm in individual cases.

All our products are professionally manufactured and developed with love and care. The quality management in the manufacture of our products corresponds to the pharmaceutical quality management. We place the highest demands on our food supplements and foodstuffs. This is particularly important to us:



All natural ingredients must be of vegetarian or vegan origin, organic and certified organic. All ingredients must be pure and free of harmful substances.



We design innovative products in novel and special, carefully balanced compositions that enrich a healthy diet.



Our products do not contain artificial preservatives, colourings, sweeteners or artificial flavours, nor do they contain purely functional fillers or additives. Of course, our products also contain no genetic engineering and are not based on animal testing. You will only receive products from us that we take ourselves without hesitation.



When it comes to our products, we always want only the best, not only for ourselves but also for our customers, whose trust we do not want to disappoint.

All ingredients are laboratory-tested for purity and nutrient content. In addition to the standard tests of the raw materials, which are required for ingredients from organic cultivation for legal reasons, we also regularly arrange for our own additional laboratory analyses by recognised independent testing institutes, both with regard to harmful substances and the nutrient content.



The natural ingredients require gentle and unheated drying and processing of the plants so that the valuable ingredients of the plant are preserved, remain optimally effective and are also suitable for raw foodists.



We only work with reputable and certified companies that we know personally. Our products are manufactured in Germany..



The hard plastic packaging (cans) that we use for hygienic reasons is expressly suitable for filling with food and medical products. The cans are bisphenol-free, do not produce micro-plastic waste and are of course recyclable. For ecological reasons we do not use blister packaging and outer packaging.



In addition, we have our products tested for their marketability with regard to the legal admissibility of the ingredients and their maximum quantities before they are placed on the market. The marketability reports are prepared by a publicly appointed and sworn expert.


Do you have any questions? Then please feel free to contact us! Our friendly and competent staff will be happy to help you!

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Telomit is certified organic by Kiwa - Ökokontrollstellen-Code: DE-ÖKO-001

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