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NO FEAR OF Corona & Co.!

"Nature is the best guide in life."

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 - 43 b. Chr.), Roman orator and statesman

Don't panic about corona and other viruses! Prefer to act and prevent yourself - with a strong immune system!

Only people with a weakened immune system become really ill. Older and younger people can do something about it! In the unique, educational books by Dr. med. Dr. Karl J. Probst you will find the "instructions for use" for a strong immune system, also against corona viruses and the flu!

Now strengthen the power of your immune system in a natural way with the D3K2plus formula (in organic Moringa) according to Dr. Probst and with natural vitamin C, as in our Bio-Redox base formula according to Dr. Probst!


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The Dr. Probst method

"Never been sick" and "suddenly" really sick? What has gone wrong in our body when we have become chronically ill? And how can we get well again and stay healthy?



You can't make something out of nothing! Everything has its cause, the development of disease has basically only one: The immune system has failed! But what exactly happened to the body that made it sick in the first place? And what is the best way to prevent you from getting sick in the first place?

This is described by the well-known charismatic naturopath and bestselling author Dr. med habil. Dr. rer. nat. Karl J. Probst in his books. In his books he presents the valuable quintessence of four decades of medical naturopathy practice and tireless research for the service of mankind in a way that is easy to understand for everyone.

Health and Fitness - Let us motivate you! Now!
NOW is the magic word! If not now, then when? On to new shores and a new attitude to life! Health begins in the head! So remember to treat your body well, because you only have one! Of course health is not everything, but without health almost everything is no joy. In order to support you again and again, we have something special for you (completely free of charge and without any obligation):
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As a welcome present we gift you the small german e-book:

"Kurkuma, die Wunderwurzel"

by Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst

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The free medical Newsletter MedizinKontrovers is published by Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst on his own responsibility and may be distributed through this website with his permission. In addition, there are - exclusively for you as a reader - coupons, discounts and special offers for the products/books from our online shop. The newsletter commits you to nothing and can be cancelled at any time. Your data will never be passed on by us to third parties.

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About Dr. med. Dr. Karl J. Probst 

Doctor by vocation - decades of experience & highest competence in alternative medicine

As the only doctor, the habilitated physician and doctor of physics Dr. med. habil. Dr. rer. nat. Karl J. Probst was one of the co-founders and pioneers of the German vegan raw food movement, which was already established in the mid 1980s. Through him and his two former comrades-in-arms Helmut Wandmaker and Franz Konz, raw food nutrition and vegan lifestyle became popular in Germany for the first time and has been imitated by many.


Source Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_J._Probst


Since then, many years have passed, further extensive knowledge and countless practical experiences -not only with raw food nutrition as a nutritional method and/or form of therapy, but also in the field of alternative/natural medicine- have been added to the author. His knowledge of raw food nutrition, also in connection with alternative and natural medicine, is therefore hardly to be found elsewhere in Germany. This also makes the books of Dr. Probst unique!



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Source OK54 auf Youtube: https://youtu.be/bl120fXXhSs


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