It has never been more important than today to take care of one's health on one's own responsibility!

Books by Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst

are books that should be read by everyone who is ill and wants to get well or stay healthy permanently!  Get to know the extraordinary books of the well-known best-selling author and natural healer Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst!

Dr. med. habil. Dr. rer. nat. Karl J. Probst, charismatic physician, doctor of physics and habilitated medical doctor has been tirelessly striving to help suffering humanity for over 40 years.
In the mid-1980s, Dr. Probst was the only doctor, along with the two medical laymen Franz Konz and Helmut Wandmaker, to co-found and pioneer the vegan raw food movement in Germany, which he - especially as a doctor - shaped like no other. Over the years, Dr. Probst developed the so-called Dr. Probst Method with a therapeutic focus on raw food nutrition, detox, intestinal rehabilitation and a spiritual reorientation. Dr. Probst's books help people to help themselves and encourage them to recognise and rethink their own lifestyle and the true origins of illness and health.
His book " Why only nature can heal us" is available in English - here

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