GIFT-SET "Health for beginners" - with FREE gift bag

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GIFT-SET "Health for beginners"

1 x Book "Why only nature can heal us"
1 x D3K2plus formula
1 x FREE beautiful gift bag, white, with cord and silver bow
The D3K2plus formula was created in collaboration with one of the three co-founders of the German raw food movement, Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst, to enrich the diet.

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GIFT-SET "Health for beginners"

1 x Book "Why only nature can heal us"
1 x D3K2plus formula
1 x FREE beautiful gift bag, white, with cord and silver bow
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telomit® D3K2plus formula
nach Dr. Probst 

The solar formula according to Dr. Probst
For an optimal supply of essential vitamins D3 and K2 from natural origin in a base of fine moringa powder. 
  • Moringa powder, tested for harmful substances
  • Vitamin D3 - 4,000 I.E from natural lanolin 
  • Vitamin K2 from fermented soybean
  • Vitamin K-Form:  MK all-trans 100 %
  • No additives or adjuvants
  • No preservatives
  • no animal testing
  • Can is bisphenol-free, recyclable
  • Nutritional supplement
  • Dose content: 80 capsules


Moringa powder, capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, starch,
Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) 4,000 I.E,
Menaquinone from fermented soy (vitamin K2) - 100 µg MK7 all-trans 100%


Take one capsule 1 x every 5 days with sufficient liquid

The dosage is based on the recommendations of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

More information about the product is available here:   D3K2 plus formula


Why only nature can heal us

Scientific facts on the development of disease and health 

Dr. med. habil. Dr. rer. nat. Karl J. Probst

ENGLISH EDITION of "Warum nur die Natur uns heilen kann"
Hardback edition, Hardcover, ca. 174 pages, many coloured illustrations, Publisher Telomit, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-9817912-3-5
The ultimate book and indispensable knowledge about the natural healing of chronic diseases - on a scientific basis - explained clearly and comprehensively - translated into English. 


The author, a German habilitated medical doctor with a doctorate in physics, was the only physician to have co-founded the raw food movement in Germany and Europe in the mid-1980s along with the two autodidacts Helmut Wandmaker and Franz Konz.

Early on, based on his own research and self-experiments, he questioned many therapeutic approaches of classic medicine and persistently and with conviction pursued his own therapeutic path. His work was frequently criticized by colleagues and sometimes even evoked hostile reactions, but actually proved to be forward-looking. Quite often astonishing results, even in cases where treatment options were exhausted, so-called "untreatable" or in seemingly incurable cases, repeatedly proved the author right and prompted him to further investigate the causes of health and disease.

Decades have now passed, and American scientists in particular have discovered that there are alternative ways to health that can also be scientifically proven. Gradually, these new findings, which the author has successfully implemented in his medical practice for the benefit of his patients for decades, are also reaching Germany and Europe. In this book, the author presents the very essence of his practical experience gained over the years and current scientific data. 



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telomit® D3K2plus fórmula según el Dr. Probst

1 x telomit® D3K2plus fórmula según el Dr. Probst

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